Air Communications Company, Inc. Established 1969

Air Communications Co., Inc. was founded in 1969, by Mr. Haschal C. Weaver in Houston, Texas. Air Communications Co., Inc. is an authorized distributor and dealer for Kelly Systems, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, for the past 45 years.

About Us:  The company was incorporated in 1971 and has since installed hundreds of Pneumatic Tube Systems throughout the USA for Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Hospitals, Auto Dealerships, Movie Theatres, Correctional Facilities, Government Agencies, Libraries, Hotels, Cement Plants, Freight Companies, Financial Institutions, Warehouse Facilities, and Home Improvement Centers, just to name a few.Air Communications Co. Inc. has access to the latest technological advancements due to our extraordinary relationship with Kelly Systems, Inc. Chicago, Illinois, the pioneers of pneumatic tube system manufacturing since 1904.

Our Sales, Service, Installation and Technical Technicians are certified and most have been employed with our company for over Thirty years. Additionally, our Technicians have first-hand knowledge of our customer’s systems and specific design layouts.

Air Communications Company has recently designed and installed systems for State Tax Offices to move actual auto license plates from a clerical desk to a drive thru customer unit. This eliminates a customer from leaving their automobile to renew or purchase new license plates. We have designed and installed Systems for Chemical and Oil Refineries moving their products to Quality Control Laboratories.

Length of systems ranged from 50 feet to several thousand feet, installed overhead or underground utilizing Systems that range in diameter from 3” OD, 4” OD, 4 ½” OD, 6” OD, 4” X 7” OVAL, 8” OD and larger upon request.

Air Communications Company was organized in 1959 when Mr. Haschal C. Weaver, Sr. began installing Pneumatic Tube Systems in the evenings following his day job. In 1969 Air Communications Company became a full time business, and became incorporated with Mr. Weaver serving as President, and his wife, Carolyn as the Vice President. In the early 1970’s the company began to grow, hiring two young men, one of which was their son, Mr. H. C. “Tuffy” Weaver, Jr. and a high school classmate of Tuffy’s, Les Wehrung . Mr. Weaver Sr.’s brother in law, Norman Caffey, served as Shop Foreman over the next 15 years, Steve Grochett has been our Shop Foreman over the last 27 years. To date, Air Communications Co. Inc. has two crews of two men each (three of which have been employed with the company for over 30+ years), Mr. Weaver’s grandson Taylor Austin, serves as our full time shop technician. H.C. Weaver now serves as the C.E.O. with H.C. Weaver, Jr. as President. Mr. Weaver’s sister. Mattie Caffey was employed for over 25 years, his daughter Kellie McClinton, as well as Tuffy’s wife, Margaret Weaver, all share the work in the office. We are located in Magnolia, TX in the Houston area.

Beginning in 1959 as a Kelly Systems, Inc. representative, Mr. Weaver’s relationship with Kelly Systems grew as well. Kelly Systems, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Chicago, IL, and is managed by the third generation of the Kelly family. Kelly Systems has served the Industry nationwide since 1904. We are proud to represent Kelly Systems, Inc. as an Authorized Dealer and Distributor, which gives us access to the latest technological advancements in the industry due to our extraordinary relationship with Kelly Systems.

Our employees are trained and are knowledgeable in the specific Pneumatic Tube System Industry. Several have been with the Company for over thirty years, and have over 140 years of combined experience. They have first hand knowledge of our customer’s individual systems, which are exclusively designed for our customers.

Our Service and Installation areas are throughout the United States, primarily in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. We also have installations in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Washington, D.C..