SilveradoIMAX_302x230Air Communications has installed “Cash Secure” pneumatic tube systems with Kelly Systems, Inc. technology for many of our customers. Kelly systems, Inc. is a leader in the design, engineering and installation of cash-secure pneumatic tube systems. The cash-secure systems operate with proven pneumatic tube technology under the control of PC based software. From vault rooms and secure counting rooms (to and from), front end registers, cash stations and cash collection areas, the Kelly cash-secure system is proven to be the answer for loss prevention and personnel needs.

The Kelly Cash Secure System is ideal for mass merchandise stores, department stores, grocery stores, casinos, theaters, amusement parks, sporting venues, parking garages or anywhere else cash is handled. The Kelly Cash Secure System is proven to reduce the risk of loss from theft and becomes a personnel safeguard.

Click the image to read about Home Depot's Experience

Click the image to read about Home Depot’s Experience

Customers include: Albertson’s, AMC Theaters, Budget Rent A Car & Truck, Cineplex Theaters, Cinemark Theaters, Edwards Theaters, The Home Depot, J.C. Penney, Odeon Theaters, Regal Theaters, Sears, Silverado Theater, Sony Theaters, Target Stores, Tinseltown Theater, Walmart and many independent retail merchants as well.



Real Time Transactions…Safe, Dependable, Loss-Prevention

  • cashsafe3PC Based System Control for flexible, upgradeable programming
  • Menu driven system operation
  • Plain language messages
  • On-screen user operation hints
  • Usage history stores most recent 10,000 transactions
  • Modem support for remote trouble-shooting and software revisions
  • Continuous system status display at Cash Room Station
  • Transaction queuing accepts send requests by multiple remote Cash Stations
  • cashsafe2Cash Room Stations send priority over transaction queuing
  • Advanced error detection, diagnostics and user alerts
  • Redundant error correction
  • Automatic system purge featuring user programmable clock
  • On-demand system purge
  • On-demand system purge in vacuum and pressure modes
  • cashsafe1Automatic unattended Cash Room mode featuring user programmable clock
  • Keyboard controlled service functions
  • Cash Room Station retrieve feature recovers carriers from any station
  • Carrier detect feature notifies Cash Room Stations of carrier presence at remote Cash Stations
  • Automatic default of Cash Room Station transaction if carrier already present at remote Cash Station
  • User selectable usage history print range
  • Built in security key locks at each station
  • On-demand temporary and long term station disable function