Document, Property & Material transport Sytems for Correctional and Judicial Complexes. Vandalproof, Tamperproof, and Indestructible.

correctionalAir Communications has utilized the Kelly AutoVac System which provides efficient internal and remote document , property and material transfer for correctional facilities and judicial applications with restricted access.  These systems can be used in both new construction and retrofitted for existing institutions.  The Kelly Tube System offers a safe, secure, cost effective method of connecting control rooms, Administration,  Records, Guard Offices, Booking, Bonds, Court Houses and Cashier..  The system is designed and suited for:  Property Transfer, Pharmaceuticals to cell blocks, Auxiliary Buildings, Courtrooms, Personal Belongings, Confidential Classified Information, and Records Transfer.

autovac4Air Communications AutoVac’s central power unit and modular system design offer flexibility for low-cost modifications as needs change and system expansion as needs grow.

Attractively designed send/receive station terminals are well suited for today’s correctional institutions and durably built for even the harshest corrections environment.

The following are among Air Communications AutoVac’s many features:

  • Heavy gauge steel stations and cabinetry
  • Heavy gauge steel and cast aluminum components
  • Tamperproof hardware on station doors and hinges
  • Optional recessed station terminals
  • Locking option on station doors
  • Remote capabilities
  • Variety of tube sizes including 3″, 4″ and 6″
  • No PVC components or parts
  • Virtually noiseless stations exceed OSHA and ACA sound decibel dBA (A scale) exposure standards

BellSignCustomers include: Bell County Jail, Bexar County Jail & Courthouse, Bloomingdale Municipal Courthouse, Brazoria County Detention Center, Chicago Courts Building, Comal County Jail & Courthouse, Cook County Jail, Denton County Jail, Fairfax County Detention Center, Findlay Municipal Courthouse, Fort Bragg, Hays County Jail, Hopewell Municipal Courthouse, Houston Municipal Courts & Jail Facility, Hubbard City Courthouse, Irving County Jail, Markham County Courthouse, Montgomery County Jail, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Dept., San Patricio County Jail, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Victoria County Jail..