Drive-Thru Kiosk Bullet Proof Glass Night Depository Deal DrawerAir Communications Co. Inc. has developed a license plate system to transport vehicle license plates and documents, currency and drivers’ licenses from an inside cashier/teller location to a remote customer drive-up or interior lobby kiosk.  Now your customers can renew and also receive their vehicle license plates and handicap cards without having to leave the comfort of their cars.  This drive-thru system will accept checks, cash or credit cards as payment.  We can also provide and install other related drive-thru equipment such as: bullet-resistant clear vision window, deal drawer, night depository with receiving chest, as well as state-of-the-art audio/video systems.

“The drive-thru system will work like a bank drive-thru system, complete with tubes that send the license plates.  This drive-thru system is awesome!”

Patsy Schultz
The office of the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor Collector

ACC-800 Teller-Cashier TerminalMaster Unit
One Complete 4″ OD and 8″OD Pneumatic Tube System Master Unit.

This Master Unit can be installed on a pedestal or counter top for existing tax office facilities. New construction projects will be coordinated with the general contractor or architect for tax office placement of equipment.

Tube System space requirements:
22″H X 27 3/4″W X 11 1/2″D.

kioskCustomer Kiosk Unit

This Kiosk Unit can be installed in an existing tax office lobby, or serve as an additional tax office walk-up window or as a drive-thru lane.

The system comes furnished with two-way audio.  Video is an optional component.

Kiosk Unit space requirements:
58″H X 25″W X 11 1/2″D.