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The Science of Tubeology

Tube·ol·o·gy /je/n (1904)
1: a branch of logistics concerned with the use of pneumatics in the movement of materials, liquid or solid
2: a science developed and marketed by KellyTube Systems, Chicago, Illinois, © 1904
3: pertaining to innovations by KellyTube Systems in products and systems for the successful movement of various materials for business and industry worldwide; See multiple locations, instantaneous and expandable

AutoVac Systems

Automated Materials Transport…Up to 10 Locations

  • Modular systems, central power unit for low-cost modifications and system expansion
  • Durability for heavy-duty applications as well as office
  • Station pedestal or remote from station space-saving and noise-free operation. Uses standard 115 VAC Power Outlet
  • Pushbutton station selection, “in-use” lights at each station, inexpensive 24V control wiring
  • Pressure/vacuum type systems w/option of vacuum or pressure airflow. Single Kelly Autovac power unit eliminates need for blower at each station
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Cash Safe Systems

Real Time Transactions…Safe, Dependable, Loss-Prevention

  • cashsafe3PC Based System Control for flexible, upgradeable programming
  • Menu driven system operation
  • Plain language messages
  • On-screen user operation hints
  • Usage history stores most recent 10,000 transactions
  • Modem support for remote trouble-shooting and software revisions
  • Continuous system status display at Cash Room Station
  • Transaction queuing accepts send requests by multiple remote Cash Stations
  • Cash Room Stations send priority over transaction queuing
  • Advanced error detection, diagnostics and user alerts
  • cashsafe2Redundant error correction
  • Automatic system purge featuring user programmable clock
  • On-demand system purge
  • On-demand system purge in vacuum and pressure modes
  • Automatic unattended Cash Room mode featuring user programmable clock
  • Keyboard controlled service functions
  • Cash Room Station retrieve feature recovers carriers from any station
  • Carrier detect feature notifies Cash Room Stations of carrier presence at remote Cash Stations
  • Automatic default of Cash Room Station transaction if carrier already present at remote Cash Station
  • User selectable usage history print range
  • Built in security key locks at each station
  • On-demand temporary and long term station disable function

Sample Transport Systems

Sample Transport Solutions…Efficient, Dependable, Cost Effective

  • Laboratory to production areas at speeds up to 50 ft/second
  • Eliminates the need for costly hand-delivery of samples
  • Handles a multitude of sample shapes and sizes
  • Safe, reliable, cost effective
  • Easy to install, easy to operate, easy maintanence
  • Can pay for itself in one year
  • Custom designs featuring heavy-duty equipment & components





Software Solutions

Kelly Systems’ engineering staff is ready to custom design a system to meet your needs. Whether you require a new system or are upgrading/expanding an existing tube system, we can provide the software solutions for you.