walmartAir Communications  utilizes the Kelly Systems integrated pneumatic tube systems to a wide range of large and small companies providing retail products, which have been manufactured for over 100 years. The Cash Control/Loss Prevention systems are ideal for retail applications that employ numerous checkout stations and have the need to retain minimal cash amounts in the computerized registers. The KellyTube system provides complete “diverter” networks for these applications. The Kelly Autovac system that can connect up to ten or more stations with one central office or department meets many retail spec applications.

diverterCustomers include: Albertson’s, AMC Theaters, Brookstone, Brookshire Grocery, Budget Rent A Car & Truck, Burberry’s, Cineplex Theaters, Cinemark Theaters, Edwards Theaters,  The Home Depot, J.C. Penney, Odeon Theaters, Regal Theaters,  Sam’s Distribution Center, Sears, Silverado Movie Theaters, Sony Theaters, Target Stores, Tiffany & Company, Tinseltown Theaters, Walmart and many independent retail merchants as well.

Kelly Tube System 4-Way Diverter

sampletransport1Pneumatic tube system company, Kelly Tube Systems, recently introduced a durable, light weight station diverter that allows up to four stations to be served from one trunk line. The 4-way diverter is more flexible than the existing 2-way and 3-way diverters as it can be used in series with three stations as the fourth port continues to the next in-line diverter.
It’s durable light weight material decreases installation time and material costs are substantially reduced with the need for fewer diverters. Also, the Kelly 4-way diverter is the smallest in the industry, a compact 28” x 14” x 14”, primarily due to the rotary offset arm. Where space is at a premium, the easily installed Kelly 4-way diverter is the answer. The clear, impact and friction resistant interior offset arm allows a full view of the tubing for any obstruction.
software1The 4-way diverter can be used with multiple control systems including simple logic, PLC or computer controls. Diverter control options include maintenance technology that can be manipulated remotely to free obstructions without the need for access to the diverter itself.


Auto Vac

  • Modular systems, central power unit for low-cost modifications and system expansion
  • Durability for heavy-duty applications as well as office environments.
  • Station pedestal or remote from station space-saving and noise-free operation.  Uses standard 115 VAC
  • Pushbutton station selection, “in-use” lights at each station, inexpensive 24V control wiring
  • Pressure/vacuum type systems w/option of vacuum or pressure airflow.  Single Kelly Autovac power unit eliminates need for blower at each station